Teamfight Tactics 10.21 B-patch targets Divine and Statikk Shiv in an effort to end Warwick’s reign

The big bad wolf won't be so bad anymore.

Image via Riot Games

Warwick’s bark will be worse than his bite after today’s Teamfight Tactics 10.21 B-patch.

TFT principal game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer shared the notes for the B-patch, which hit the live servers today. While Riot wasn’t initially planning on deploying a micro patch, Statikk Warwick’s reign of terror was ruining the matchmaking experience.

The Patch 10.21 buffs to Divine reworked the trait to let units remove crowd control when ascending. Pair that with Statikk’s increased bonus damage to crowd-controlled targets and a Warwick could howl his way to victory effortlessly.

The B-patch reduces Divine’s damage reduction and true damage by 10 percent each, with both dropping to 40 percent. And Statikk will no longer deal bonus damage to crowd-controlled enemies, making it far more difficult for the big bad wolf to blow your points down.

Adept’s attack speed reduction is being decreased from 2.5/4/7 seconds to 2/3.5/6 seconds. Akali’s three-star damage is dropping from 400 to 350, and Locket of the Iron Solari is having some of its buffs scaled back. The item will now grant 300/375/500/800 shield instead of 350/450/600/800.