Teamfight Tactics 10.21 B-patch revives meta with several best comps

Watch out for one-trick Sharpshooters.

Teamfight Tactics Jhin
Image via Riot Games

A return toward a versatile meta is underway in Teamfight Tactics following the 10.21 B-patch, which nerfed Divine and Stattikk Shiv. 

Warwick’s 15 minutes of fame came to an end on Oct. 20 with a 10.21 B-patch that toned down several buffs. During the reign of Warwick and Statikk Shiv, Sharpshooters was the only comp able to give the hunter a run for his money when placing first in a lobby. With Divine out of the way, and no nerfs applied to Zeke’s Herald, Sharpshooters have moved into the S-plus tier all by themselves. 

There are two ways to run Sharpshooters, based on a TFT 10.21 B-patch breakdown by Wrainbash, but both require a Chosen that is a Sharpshooter. Zeke’s Herald is also imperative if trying to win the lobby. Champions that make up the comp include Vayne, Jinx (as a secondary carry), Teemo, Nidalee, and Jhin (as the primary carry). Jinx is the primary carry until a Jhin can be found, running items like Spear of Shojin and  Quicksilver, Jhin’s items are still the same—focusing on maximum damage with Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, and Last Whisper. Throwing a Guardian Angel on Jhin as a third item also works. 

Image via Saintvicious

A Sharpshooter final comp can either have Aatrox and Sejuani as front-liners with Zilean to add the Cultist trait—or can run Dusk/Warlord with Jarvan, Azir, and Riven. Front-line units should have a Sunfire Cape or tank items. Key components to pick up in Carousels include bow, sword, and glove. Zeke’s can be the third item on Jinx or placed on another Sharpshooter between Jinx and Jhin. Early items picked up in the carousels should include a glove, rod, and vest. 

With a good number of players in a lobby likely trying to force Sharpshooters, another top TFT comp to run is Vanguard Mystic with Ahri as the primary carry. The main Vanguards are Thresh, Aatrox, and Sejuani. Hecarim is the fourth Vanguard without a Chosen Vanguard champion. Zilean and Shen are the ideal Mystics, but Cassio works too. Ahri is the main carry with items like Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge. She can also run Guardian Angel, a second Jeweled Gauntlet, or a Spear of Shojin. Yummi is the second Spirit who performs best with Blue Buff. And ideal items to have on Sejuani include Morellonomicon, Sunfire Cape, and Ionic Spark. 

Image via k3soju

Remaining flexible will help players rank up the ladder, and there are two TFT top comps that players should consider running if handed to them by the game. Warlords are one of the most underrated traits to run but will compete against the other best comps in the 10.21 meta. Katarina is the main carry with Hextech Gunblade and Quicksilver. Hand of Justice is a solid third item on the Warlord assassin, along with Jeweled Gauntlet and Frozen Heart. 

Bubble Nami is the second comp often overlooked. A chosen Nami with double Luden’s, however, will get players in the top two of a lobby. The Bubble Enlightened comp requires a three-star Chosen Nami. The rest of the team consists of Fiora, Janna, Irelia, Morgana as a secondary carry with Morellonomicon, Talon, Shen, and Lilia. Key items to pick up in carousels include a tear, rod, and belt.  

There are also several TFT 10.21 B-patch comps that deserve an honorable mention and will place in the top four of a lobby when played correctly. Ninja has returned, much in part to Sharpshooters being one of the best comps in the meta at the moment. The comp relies on a Chosen Zed or Akali carry and is extremely strong until the late-game, where it falls off a little. Enlightened Talon carry is another worthy comp worth transitioning too.

Brawlywood is still strong but typically won’t place in the top two of a lobby. And Duelist is a solid comp to run, now that most of the lobby isn’t chasing Divine. The build still needs a three-star Yasuo to place top-four. Diana Chosen with Moonlight will also run over the other top 10.21 B-patch builds, and can even take first in a lobby. 

The TFT 10.21 B-patch meta will run until the 10.22 update takes place on Oct. 28.