Riot to change up how Spatulas are played in TFT’s upcoming Galaxies set

Spatulas showed up way too often during the Rise of the Elements set.

Image via Riot Games

It’s been just over a week since Riot Games announced the addition of Teamfight Tactics‘ third set, Galaxies. In a new developer’s post, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer explained today how the team will be changing up Spatulas in the upcoming patches.

Across the last two sets, Spatulas dominated TFT metas with how they helped accelerate certain team composition power spikes. As a result, players began to find ways to maximize how much damage they can take to tank for Spatulas throughout item carousels and through item drops.

This wasn’t what Riot designed the Spatulas for, though. This special item was meant to be difficult to find, and if a player was lucky enough to find it, they’d get a ton of other options for their composition. But it was showing up way too often in carousels to the point where it became almost a normal item.

Riot eventually removed Spatulas from the carousel in Patch 10.3, but that was only a band-aid solution to what Riot really wanted for the game moving forward. The company’s true objective for Spatulas is to make it an item that “isn’t something you can count on, but rather something you have to adapt to when it shows up.”

In Galaxies, Riot will be making some big changes to Spatulas. They’ll be available on the carousel once again, but it’ll be much more controlled. Mortdog also hinted that the item will be undergoing some changes—the possibilities are endless in a set like this.