Riot reveals Nautilus and Cho’Gath as final TFT Fabled Set 4.5 champions

Nautilus and Cho’Gath return.

Image via Riot Games.

Nautilus and Cho’gath will join Neeko with new Fabled trait looks in Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5. 

Releasing on Jan. 21, the Fates mid set has been nearly spoiled. Two of the final Fabled champions, Nautilus and Cho’Gath, were revealed by Riot Games today with lead TFT game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer hinting at high power levels from all three Fabled champions. 

“These champs are fun, especially if you can get Fabled chosen,” Mortdog said. “And just wait until you see Cho’gath’s—I feel like gonna get a lot of messages about that one!”

Chosen champions contain bonus stats and are purchased as two-star champions from the TFT shop. A majority of tacticians have enjoyed the new mechanic due to the variety of play styles it creates, while others that like forcing comps have found it less fun than previous sets.

All three Fable champions—Neeko, Nautilus, and Cho’Gath—have had their moments in previous TFT sets. The Fabled trait in Set 4.5 has champions “gain an additional effect.” Riot has yet to reveal individual abilities and costs as of writing. But it’s likely that Nautilus is a two-cost, Neeko a three-cost, and Cho’Gath is a four-cost champion according to a Reddit leak from last week. 

Players will likely get the chance to test out all the new TFT Set 4.5 champions and traits on Jan. 6 via PBE with the release of Patch 11.1. The mid-set update will go live on Jan. 21 with Patch 11.2.