Riot Mortdog shares personal TFT Set 4 champion tier list

Who will dominate at launch?

Teamfight Tactics Riven
Image via Riot Games

Principal Teamfight Tactics game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed a champion tier list today based on gameplay and not internal data. 

In less than a week, TFT Set Four Fates will go live on Sept. 16, leading to a good amount of speculation as to which champions are the best. Mortdog asked players on Twitter to submit their “best champion tier lists,” resulting in a wide variety of lists. And to solidify the divisiveness of opinions, Mortdog then posted his own champion tier list on Twitter today. 

“Since I said I’d share mine, here is my PERSONAL tier list that doesn’t use any internal data,” Mortdog said. “Just how I feel when I’m playing and how much success I’ve had with them.”

Mortdog has Riven, Aphelios, and Yasuo listed at S-tier. Aphelios was clearly overpowered on the PBE over the last week but has since received a number of nerfs. It’s unclear if the Moonlight Hunter will be able to maintain S-tier status. 

Yasuo was another hot topic of debate since he’s strong at three-star and Chosen but often falls short in the late game otherwise. Riven, prior to her nerfs two days ago, was overpowered to the point that a video showcased her taking on nine Cultist all by herself and winning. But she’s since had her three-star Spell Shield nerfed from 1,500 to 1,000.

Champions at S-tier from other lists that were submitted to Mortdog included a good amount of five-costs like Sett, Lee Sin, Yone, and Ezreal. There were also lower-cost champions like Sejuani, Akali, Shen, and Jarvan IV. 

The TFT team has done a solid job of balancing out traits and champions over the past few days. No more patches are scheduled to drop on the PBE prior to the Fates launch that will take place on Sept. 16. It’s unclear if a majority of the TFT Set Four tier lists submitted to Mortdog will remain the same until then.