Riot Mortdog previews TFT changes for Patch 10.10

Several minor changes aim to balance the meta prior to the mid-season expansion.

Image via Riot Games

Riot “Mortdog” Mort released a Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.10 video today, giving a rundown of the what’s to come and some thoughts on the upcoming update.

Heading into the next two TFT patches, prior to the mid-season reset with Patch 10.12, Mort states in his Patch 10.10 rundown video that only minor changes will be made to the meta. The intent behind the minor changes is so players can focus on ranking up over the next four weeks, without having to worry about major nerfs and buffs.  

“We are trying to make the next few patches a little more stable,” Mort said. “So, 10.10 and 10.11, expect to be smaller patches. Trying to keep the meta where it is, but just improved, so you can go into rank and end the act on a good spot.”

Mort also addressed that the 10.9 shift was a tad larger than expected and the adjustment to one-cost three-star units may have been a bit much. But he also states that the meta has been diverse.

“10.9 ended up being a pretty large meta shift, probably larger than we intended,” Mort said. “Certainly, it did hit the goal of making one-cost three-star units desirable. But it has been a very diverse meta.” 

In Patch 10.10, TFT players can expect slight changes to several champions and items, along with a new Galaxy.


Patch 10.10 will introduce the Galactic Armory Galaxy, where all players start with two completed items

System Galaxy changes

  • Superdense Galaxy now grants a free Force of Nature at stage 3-1 instead of at level five. 
  • If a player attempts to use a Neeko’s help on a champion with no copies left in the bag, an error message will appear. 
  • Chances of a random full item carousel have been reduced significantly, especially in earlier carousels. 
  • Item drops are more likely to appear in earlier PvE stages. 

Trait changes

  • Mech Pilot: Mech gets another nerf with 100 percent of Pilot’s AD reduced to a base 80 AD and takes 45 percent of the Pilot’s base AD.
  • Rebel: 10/12/15 percent to 10/15/20 percent. 
  • Infiltrator: Will jump regardless if there is a target in attack range.
  • Space Pirate: Chance to drop an item increased from 20 percent to 25 percent. 

Champion changes


Poppy received a 20 percent nerf. She should still be playable, though. 

  • No nerf at one-star
  • Two-star: 25 damage and 50 shield nerf
  • Three-star: 50 damage nerf and 100 shield

Twisted Fate 

Twisted Fate was a larger outlier, with his previous buff doubling his damage at three-star. 

  • Three-star: Nerf from 550 to 450


  • Slight reduction in AD from 55 to 50


  • Buffing Ziggs back to 40 mana to combat early-game Vanguard comps 


  • Big buff to compensate for his change in paradigm, from 600 to 700 HP
  • An increase in HP, however, results in a nerf to his mana from 100 to 90


Mort mentions that Karma has been underperforming, mostly being used in only Dark Star comps. 

  • Bonus attack speed increase from 35/50/100 percent to 50/75/125 percent.


Syndra has been underperforming since the mana nerf in Patch 10.8, according to Mort. 

  • Spell damage buff from 80/120/200 to 100/150/250


  • Three-star nerf in spell damage: 750 to 600


  • Slight buff from 425/550/2,000 to 450/600/2,000 spell damage


Wukong is getting a buff that prioritizes hitting the closest enemy he hasn’t hit instead of at random. 

Item changes

Chalice of Harmony

Chalice of Harmony can get insane, according to Mort, when three copies are on a champion. He also mentioned it is likely the first item to get removed in the mid-set expansion.

  • Nerf of mana from 10 to eight


Deathblade has been underperforming, according to Mort. 

  • Starts at one stack
  • Displays the amount of bonus AD instead of the number of stacks


  • Nerf in True Damage Burn from 27 percent to 25 percent 

Red Buff

  • Nerf in True Damage Burn from 27 percent to 25 percent

Changes taking place in the TFT 10.10 patch are scheduled to occur on May 13. Adjustments mentioned by Mort in his video are considered tentative and are subject to change prior to the launch of Patch 10.10.