Riot gives a first look into Teamfight Tactics Set 3: Galaxies

The new set is slated to launch in March.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans have been introduced to Set Three: Galaxies—and it’s out of this world.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and communications strategist Blake “Beernana” Edwards addressed the upcoming set today in a Dev Post. The developers explained that Galaxies will put you in the middle of a League of Legends universe that spans “intergalactic war” and introduces “new champions, traits, skins, boards, Little Legends, and a new-set-wide mechanic.”

Though Riot devs were happy with the Elemental Hex system that added replayability and variance to Rise of the Elements, the mechanic will be removed and replaced by “Galaxies.”

Some games will be played with normal rulesets, while others will take you to a different galaxy with unique rules. A Neekoverse Galaxy, for example, will start everyone with two Neeko’s Help items. This will force players to make strategic decisions about when to use the coveted item, especially when your opponents are privy to the same advantage.

Another Galaxy cited by the TFT devs puts four-cost units on the first carousel of the game.

Players won’t know which Galaxy they’re in until the game starts, forcing them to adapt in a similar fashion to what Set Two’s Rise of the Elements did. TFT devs wanted a clear but varying mechanic that could be expanded throughout the season. There may only be a couple of Galaxies available when the set launches, but more will be added and removed as the season progresses.

Set Three: Galaxies is slated to release in mid-March. TFT devs will break down some of the new out-of-this-world traits next week.