Riot drops TFT Worlds dates and big changes to the championship

Dragons are heating up Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is buffing the Teamfight Tactics World Championship for the Dragonlands set, increasing the prize pool, changing the elimination format, and adding an Eastern Last Chance qualifier. 

The Dragonlands World Championship is the fifth TFT Worlds, showcasing Set Seven and 7.5. Improvements have been made to the major championship tournament with each set. And Riot has doubled down on those improvements for the Set 7.5 Worlds, providing players and fans with several upgrades to the format and overall structure. In a video released today by Riot today, a date for the Dragonlands World Championship was revealed, along with several other major changes. 

Fans and players can watch all of the Dragonlands World Championship unfold from Nov. 18 to 20. Unlike previous TFT Worlds, all players from day one will advance to the second day with points carrying over. This strategy accounts for those “Mortdoged” RNG moments, rewarding players with consistent results while not ending a player’s chance to compete in the playoffs following two bad games. 

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Set Six TFT Worlds introduced a Western region Last Chance qualifier, showcasing players from North America, EMEA, Brazil, and LATAM. Set Seven Worlds will take the LCQ a step further with the first Eastern region Last Chance qualifier that will include China, Korea, OCE, and Japan. 

In addition to the format changes, Riot has significantly increased the prize pool at TFT Worlds. From a total pool of $300,000 at Set Six Worlds to $456,000 at the Drgaonlands World Championship. First place will take home $150k and the minimum payout for placing in the top eight is $11,000. All players who compete at the Dragonlands World Championship will earn at least $2,500. 

Set Seven heads into the back half with Dragonlands Uncharted Realms Set 7.5 starting on Sept. 8. Amde was the first player in the NA region to qualify for Worlds and more players will join him as competition in North America and the EMEA heats up over the next few months.