Riot breaks down new Star Shard system in Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates

Riot discussed the shards' cost, as well as how much of them is needed to upgrade your little buddies.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates
Image via Riot Games

It’s time to level up your Little Legends without any of the frustrating RNG.

Riot expanded on the new Star Shard system today, which debuts in Teamfight Tactics Set Four Fates. The new currency will let you three-star your Little Legends without having to test your chances using eggs.

Screengrab via Riot Games

To earn shards, players can either purchase them in the store or receive them as rewards through the Fates Pass+. The pass will offer 300 total Star Shards while the store will sell bundles of varying amounts, starting at 625 RP.

To upgrade your Little Legend, simply go to your loadout selector and pick your favorite buddy. If they’re eligible for an upgrade, the “poros that run the backend of the store will handle the rest,” according to Riot. But these upgrades are non-refundable.

Rare Little Legends, like the Pengu Featherknight, will cost 100 Star Shards to upgrade. Upgrading your Pass+ buddies from level two to three, like the Astronaut Molediver and Star Guardian Silverwing, will also cost 100. But the rarer the Little Legend, the more it’ll cost to upgrade them.

Epic Little Legends will need 125 shards for an update, while Legendary Little Legends will run you 150 shards.

TFT fans will finally have more agency in which Little Legends they want to upgrade. It was frustrating buying a slew of eggs to level up your favorite Little Legend, only to hatch ones you didn’t want. While you’ll still have to shell out cash, you’ll now know exactly what you’re getting.

Set Four Fates begins with TFT Patch 10.19 on Sept. 16.