Ranked returns to Teamfight Tactics with a hard reset in Patch 9.23

Back to the grind.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is reintroducing ranked games to Teamfight Tactics.

Riot recently disabled the ability to play ranked while it fine-tuned the game and released Set Two. With Rise of the Elements and the addition of champions, Riot felt it was best to suspend ranked until a later point. The new ranked split kicks off with Patch 9.23, however.

Riot will be hard-resetting everyone’s rank to Iron this time around. Riot says that it wants everyone to have a fresh ranking experience with each set that’s released so that players can have the satisfaction of rising through the ranks using the new set.

The first five games will be your placement matches. You won’t lose RP if you lose placement games. If a player comes in at least fourth place, that will be considered a win, while coming in fifth or lower will result in a loss. 

While there will be a soft reset to players’ MMR, players who held a high MMR in Set One will find that they’re able to rise through the ranks quicker to ensure that Iron players aren’t hitting a wall of more experienced players and hurting their chances of ranking up. The hope here is that despite the rank reset, everyone will find balanced gameplay based on their skill level.

Players also won’t lose LP for coming in fourth place now, which was sometimes possible in the first set. Fifth place and lower will result in a loss of LP.

The new TFT patch arrives this week.