Poison champions Singed and Twitch join character cast in Teamfight Tactics Set 2, along with the Alchemist class

"I dealt it. It was me."

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed a myriad of new Teamfight Tactics units, origins, and classes debuting in the autobattler’s second season—including two of Runeterra’s most toxic champions.

Riot teased tons of TFT information today, allowing several content creators to release new content for the upcoming Set Two. German YouTuber Maxim Markow revealed the Poison origin and Alchemist class, along with new units Singed and Twitch.

Units within the Alchemist class will never stop moving on the board, avoiding the frustrating unit collision most often seen by the burly Brawler class. Poison champions apply a neurotoxin that raises an enemy unit’s mana cost by 50 percent at three units.

Image via Riot Games

The Mad Chemist is a Poison Alchemist, which stays true to his nature in League of Legends. Singed will run across the entire board without stopping, spreading his neurotoxins along the way.

The legendary unit’s ability leaves a trail of poison wherever he walks and deals damage over four seconds.

Image via Riot Games

The sewer rat will be a four-cost Poison Ranger who deals his damage from the backline. Twitch will get unlimited range and an attack damage bonus for eight seconds. He’ll also pierce targets and apply on-hit effects.

Fans eager to play TFT Set Two will have to wait until early November.