Next Twitch Prime Little Legends egg now available to claim

Get another cute companion on your board.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans can now get a new fluffy companion to join them on the battlefield.

Riot Games and Twitch Prime have been giving away Little Legends eggs for a long time and the latest one is available for all Twitch Prime subscribers.

Even if you’re new to TFT or Twitch Prime, it’s never too late to start your Little Legends collection. They serve perhaps the most important purpose on the battlefield—being a cute cosmetic. You can ask them to use emotes or even taunt your opponents after winning a battle—or just whenever you want.

To get your free egg, players need to have their Riot account linked with their Twitch account. If you aren’t a Prime user and want a taste, there’s a free 30-day trial where players can sign up and try the service, as well as claim any available Twitch Prime loot, including this egg.

Verify that you’ve obtained the precious egg by logging in to your League of Legends client and check the loot tab. If successful, there should be a Little Legend waiting to pop out and join you for your next fight on the Convergence.

If you also play League, there’s a permanent Mystery Skin in store for you. While Riot and Twitch have been generous with the Little Legends eggs, the promotion might not last forever, so be sure to hug them tight when you can.