New Little Legends are hitting the store for the new Teamfight Tactics Galaxies set

Get ready for some cute new partners on your TFT boards.

Image via Riot Games

If you’re trying to add to your collection of Teamfight Tactics Little Legends, then look no further. Three more mini sidekicks are headed your way when the season three Galaxies set begins.

These cosmic-themed friends will have a handful of new animations and skin variants if you aren’t too keen on their base look. They’re named Starmaw, Squink, and Abyssia and they’re all ready to support you whenever you do battle in TFT.

Starmaw looks like the cutest little planet-eater, with a crown and a tail reminiscent of an intergalactic whale. Squink looks exactly how its name suggests—a space octopus with stubby little tentacles. These two are the goofy-looking legends of the three, but there always has to be a serious one in the bunch.

Abyssia is the last Little Legend joining the trio but is also the most regal. Its eyes are sharp and focused and it stands on two legs while armed with a sword. It also has an orb in this middle of its crown, similar to the orbs seen across the Dark Star skin line.

Image via Riot Games

In addition to the new Little Legends, Riot is making it easier for players to acquire the specific companions that they want. Variants for Little Legends will now be available for purchase in the store and can be bought once. The team is also thinking of ways to allow players to upgrade their Little Legends from one-star, but those plans won’t be revealed until later this year.

The new TFT set will be kicking off this month. Keep your eyes peeled for a new experience spanning multiple worlds in the League of Legends universe.