Is there a level 3 Astronaut Molediver Little Legend in TFT?

More questions than answers.

Image via Riot Games

In its first battle pass, Teamfight Tactics added two exclusive Little Legends for players to collect by leveling up naturally over time.

These were the UFO Sprite, which is unlocked at level one in the battle pass, and the Astronaut Molediver, which you can unlock twice over the course of the pass to upgrade it similarly to how you upgrade other Little Legends through loot boxes and buying them on the store.

There is no sign of the third stage (or third level) of the Molediver skin, however. So where exactly is it and how do you get it?

It doesn’t appear to be in the game at the moment or at all, which is strange considering it should be a battle pass-exclusive skin. There is no confirmed way to receive it, however.

It could be the reward for players who rank higher than gold or higher in the new season and could have different chromas depending on where you rank, which would be cool to see. But it is also likely to be a paid Little Legend people can buy in the future if they didn’t get the battle pass in the first place.

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