How to watch TFT Set 8 Summit LAN event: Rosters, format, and more

Watch the best TFT players showcase Set Eight live from Los Angeles.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is hosting a LAN Teamfight Tactics tournament, showcasing Set Eight Monsters Attack! and boasting a $25,000 prize pool to be contested by players who were voted in. 

The Summit LAN event is a “for-fun” tournament made up of professional TFT players and content creators voted in by the community. Set Eight Monsters Attack! releases on Wednesday, Dec. 7, just one day prior to the start of the event, allowing fans to get a first glimpse of the new set.

In addition to team gameplay, players are also competing in a cooking contest and a TFT Set Eight dev Q&A will take place on the final day of the Summit event. 

Summit TFT Set Eight schedule

The TFT Summit event will run from Dec. 8 to 11. Each day features an opening, from cooking to a Q&A session with devs starting at 12pm CT through Twitch. Gameplay action starts at 1.30pm on Dec. 8 and at 1pm CT from Dec. 9 to 11.

  • Dec. 8: TFT Set Eight Summit opening, Best Friends game show, gameplay, and Talent show.
  • Dec. 9: TFT omelet cooking competition, gameplay, and MAFIA.
  • Dec. 10: The Weakest Link, gameplay, and MAFIA.
  • Dec. 11: Dev Q&A, wildcard playoffs, and final lobby. 

All content will get broadcast live from Beyond the Summit’s studio in Los Angeles. Fans in the area can attend the event on Thursday, Dec. 10, according to Riot, featuring live games and meet and greets. Tickets for the fan experience can be found here. Fans wanting to submit questions for the dev Q&A can do so here

Summit TFT player rosters

Image via Riot Games

A total of 24 players are teaming up to compete in the Set Eight Summit LAN event. Players were voted in by the community. 

  • Bebe and Milk
  • Frodan and Bryce Blum
  • DogDog and Rayditz
  • Iniko and Dishsoap
  • Kiyoon and TL Robinsongz
  • Aesah and Prestivent
  • Emily Wang and sètsuko
  • Voids1n and Pockygom
  • ItsHafu and Becca
  • TL Kurumx and Souless
  • Rainplosion and SpicyAppies
  • DQA and MismatchedSocks

C9k3soju was originally scheduled to partner with Milk. After not being able to attend, Bebe stepped up as Milk’s partner.

Summit TFT Set Eight format

Competition at the Summit event will take place over the course of four days. Players will be divided into three lobbies during the first three days, with teammates always placed in the same lobby. A total of three games will get played during each of the first three days, with lobbies getting reseeded at the end of each day. 

The top three teams will advance to the final lobby following scores accumulated throughout the first three days of competition. Teams that placed fourth through 11 will compete in wildcard lobbies on Dec. 11.

The top team from wildcard playoffs will join the other three in the final lobby. 

Day four will feature the final lobby, showcasing a Checkmate format. The point threshold for the Checkmate format is 40 points, using points from both team members. Upon hitting the point threshold, the next duo to finish first wins the first-ever TFT Summit event. 

Update Dec. 8 12:30pm CT: Bebe was added as Milk’s partner for the TFT Set Eight Summit.