How to watch TFT Set 7 Tag Team Twitch Rival event

Watch the new Dragonlands meta unfold.

Image via Riot Games

Top Teamfight Tactics competitive players and content creators show off Patch 12.12 in a Twitch Rivals tag team event that will take place over the course of two days.

A big shift in the Dragonlands meta is underway with the release of Patch 12.12. Scheduled to take place from June 22 to 23 is the Twitch Rivals Tag Team Set Seven event, showcasing streamers like k3soju, Goose, Kurumx, Escha, Emily Wang, and more. The tag team event starts at 3pm CT on June 22 and 23 on Twitch. Players can earn a piece of the $10,000 total prize pool while showing off their TFT skills via a reworked and rebalanced Set Seven meta. 

Who’s competing in the Twitch Rivals TFT Set Seven Tag Team event?

A total of 24 players are broken into 12 teams. Team captains are Becca, boxbox, Emily Wang, Goose (GV8), Guubums, k3soju, Kiyoon, Kurumx, Rayditz, robinsongz, Escha, and sètsuko.

  • Team Becca: Becca and soulless
  • Team Boxbox: boxbox and AesahTFT
  • Team Emily Wang: Emily Wang and Jummychu
  • Team GrandVice8: Goose and SpicyAppies
  • Team Guubums: guubums and bertasaurus8you
  • Team k3soju: k3soju and Milk
  • Team kiyoon: Kiyoon and Prestivent
  • Team Kurumx: Kurumx and DQA
  • Team Rayditz: Raditz and Broccoli
  • Team Robinsongz: Robin and Ramblinnn
  • Team Escha: Escha and Scarra
  • Team sètsuko: sètsuko and SpencerTFT

What is the Twitch Rivals TFT Set Seven Tag Team format?

A total of 12 rounds will be played over two days, six games per day. Teammates are placed in the same lobby with lobbies rotating every two rounds. All players earn points based on where they finish in a lobby, with the points doubling per finish on day two. 

PlacementDay one pointsDay two points

After six games played during day one, the bottom four scoring teams are cut. The remaining eight teams will compete in two lobbies on day two, with each team earning a slice of the total $10,000 prize pool.