How to get Star Shards in Teamfight Tactics

Spend less for more.

Image via Riot Games

With Teamfight Tactics’ fourth set Fates comes a new way to unlock Little Legends.

Star Shards are a special currency that make it easier for you to three-star your favorite Little Legend instead of having to invest in egg after egg.

“We’ve heard your feedback that it simply isn’t worth it to buy dozens of Little Legend Eggs just to get the three-star Little Legend that you want,” lead producer Green Teej said in a recent TFT roadmap. 

To earn Star Shards, you can either buy them directly from the store or receive them as a reward through the Fates Pass+. In total, the pass offers 300 Star Shards, while the store sells bundles starting at 625 RP (less than $10).

You can upgrade your chosen Little Legend by going to the loadout selector and picking your favorite. These upgrades are non-refundable. 

Rare and Pass+ Little Legends, like the standard Pengu Featherknight, will cost just 100 shards to upgrade, rarer Epic Little Legends will cost 125 shards, and the more sought-after Legendary Little Legends will set you back 150 shards.  

You’ll still inevitably have to spend cash on your favorite Little Legend, but the Star Shard system will make upgrading just a little bit easier.