Here’s every Set 6 TFT 11.24 ‘big’ champion and trait change revealed via Patch Rundown

Big changes will impact the 11.24 meta.

Image via Riot Games

Heading into the winter holidays, game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed a total of 17 champions and four traits that are slated to receive “big” changes in Teamfight Tactics‘ upcoming patch during today’s 11.24 Patch Rundown

Following four weeks on TFT Patch 11.23, players are ready for changes. And the tweaks will come with the 11.24 update, which is scheduled to take place on Dec. 8. The 11.24 Patch Rundown revealed the Chemtech trait is getting a buff that has adjusted the trait’s attack speed and health generation, making the trait more playable, according to Mortdog. Katarina will also take a nerf, but not into oblivion, leaving Mortdog slightly worried that the nerf “isn’t enough.”

From one and two-cost Set Six champion nerfs to Clockwork buffs and Innovator nerfs, here’s every major balance change slated to take place within the TFT 11.24 update via the Patch Rundown. 

11.24 champion major nerfs and buffs

Nerfs and buffs to Set Six champions within the TFT 11.24 patch have a goal of slowing down combat pace during late-game stages while also shifting the meta balance away from one and two-cost carriers, according to Mortdog. Trundle’s attack speed slow will get a nerf, along with his spell attack damage steal at two and three-star. 

Shaco will get a huge buff. It will make the Syndicate trait more playable, while also giving the Assassin trait another viable carry since the power level of Katarina was nerfed via her spell damage. Vex is getting a couple of nerfs that make her just a little less of an overpowered frontline unit. 

Fiora was buffed via her attack damage and spell attack damage percent. Jhin is slated for both nerfs and buffs, along with Jayce, improving his ranged attack damage while nerfing his melee spell shield. 


  • Garen: Spell missing health damage percentage reduced to 15 percent.


  • Katarina: Spell damage nerfed from 180/225/300 to 160/200/250.
  • Trundle: Damage steal percentage reduced from 20/30/50 to 20/25/40 and attack speed slow nerfed from 50 to 25 percent.


  • Ekko: Spell ally bonus attack speed nerfed from 40/50/75 to 35/40/50 percent.
  • Shaco: Health increased from 650 to 700 and mana buffed from 50/90 to 40/80.
  • Shaco: Spell base damage buffed from 75/100/125 to 90/110/130.
  • Taric: Spell healing adjusted from 375/475/600 to 325/425/600.
  • Vex: Stacking shield bonus upon being destroyed reduced from 25 to 10 percent and the shield was nerfed from 550/700/900 to 500/600/750 while the damage was reduced from 125/200/275 to 100/135/175.


  • Fiora: Attack damage increased to 75 and spell attack damage scaling buffed to 170 percent.
  • Jhin: Maximum mana buffed to 0/70 and attack damage nerfed to 90.
  • Jhin: Spell attack damage scaling adjusted from 150/225/344 to 150/200/344 percent.
  • Lux: Mana refund on kill reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Orianna: Mana adjusted to 50/140 and spell stun duration adjusted from 1.5/1.5/4 to 1/1/4 seconds.
  • Sion: Health increased to 1850 and spell adjusted from 2/2.5/5 to 2/3/6 seconds.


  • Akali: Health increased from 800 to 850 and her spells’ initial dash damage increased at one-star to 300.
  • Galio: Health increased to 1900, attack damage reduced to 120, and crash zone radius increased at three-star.
  • Galio: Spell damage buffed from 150/200/2000 to 200/300/9001.
  • Jayce: Armor and magic resistance to 30.
  • Jayce: Melee shield nerfed at one and two-star to 350/500.
  • Jayce: Ranged attack damage gain buffed at one and two-star to 45/70.
  • Jinx: Attack speed reduced slightly  to one and spell attack damage scaling nerfed at two-star to 200 percent.
  • Viktor: Mana adjusted from 0/140 to 0/150 and spell damage nerfed at one and two-star to 325/425.

11.24 major trait nerfs and buffs

The Challenger trait is slated to get a nerf towards attack speed while Clockwork will get an attack speed buff. Innovator has been one of the strongest traits within the TFT Set Six 11.23 meta, resulting in slight nerfs to the Bear and Dragon. Mutant is also slated to get a buff to Blademaster. 

  • Challenger: Attack speed reduced from 30/60/90/145 to 30/55/80/130 percent.
  • Chemtech: Champions dropping below health threshold duration will always last eight seconds.
  • Chemtech: Attack speed changed from 50 percent across the board to 25/50/75/100 percent.
  • Chemtech: Health regeneration changed from four percent across the board to 3/4/6/10 percent.
  • Innovator: Dragon critical damage buff reduced from 75 to 40 percent and the Bear’s attack damage and ability power buff reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Mutant: Blademaster chance for extra attack adjusted from 33/66 to 40/75 percent.
  • Clockwork: Bonus attack speed increased from 10/30/55 to 10/35/70 percent.

Every nerf and buff revealed during the TFT 11.24 Patch Rundown is subject to change prior to the update’s official release on Dec. 8. Players can test out all the changes taking place via the PBE until the TFT Patch 11.24 launches.