Chibi Ashe joins TFT Tactician ranks in Patch 12.20

Arrows that pack a punch.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has added Ashe to the Teamfight Tactics Chibi Tactician roster, showcasing a finisher animation and new art. 

The number of Chibi Champions will be increased by one with TFT Patch 12.20, scheduled to release on Oct. 19. Ashe joins the ranks and even has her own #DiesOfCutScene animation as a finisher. With the addition of Ashe, there are now a total of seven Chibi Champions in TFT: Ekko, Ashe, Lee Sin, Yasuo, Kai’Sa, Jinx, and Vi. 

Players can find Ashe as a Rare within Dragonmancer Archer eggs. There is a two percent pull with a guaranteed Ashe by pull 61. Each Dragonmancer Archer egg is priced at 390 RP. Eggs that don’t have Ashe in them will contain a random Little Legend from the TFT backlog, excluding Mythics and Pass exclusive ones. 

The other way to obtain a TFT Set 7.5 Chibi Ashe is by purchasing her outright for 1,900 RP in the store. Each Chibi Ashe comes with an animated finisher as she fires off her Enchanted Crystal Arrow at an opponent’s Tactician. All TFT Chibi Champions are available for direct purchase in the store for 1,900 RP. 

Ashe is not in the Uncharted Realms battle pass, but there are still 49 days remaining before the pass fades away in exchange for TFT Set Eight. Players can still cash in on the Forgotten Spa board, along with all the Set 7.5 booms and standard boards. 

Players can start cracking eggs or buy Ashe outright with the release of Patch 12.20 on Oct. 19.