Big risks shake-up Teamfight Tactics in Patch 10.24, Mort says

Patch 10.24 will feel like a new expansion.

Teamfight Tactics Yasuo
Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and live balance designer James “Statikk” Bach revealed a large number of major system changes and balance adjustments over the weekend that will take place in Patch 10.24. 

Patch 10.24 is the last major update to TFT prior to the winter holidays, according to Mortdog. During the Patch Rundown video, Statikk and Mortdog revealed goals of reducing “high amounts of CC” and creating “diverse parts of the game” due to gameplay feeling “stale.” 

Within the TFT 10.24 update that drops a day early on Nov. 24, players will have a number of system changes to get used to. 

  • Player damage changes at stages three, four, and six.
  • Chosen odd changes at levels four through nine.
  • Normal odd changes at levels five through eight. 
  • Loot distribution changes

In addition to the system changes, adjustments toward traits, Chosen champions, items, and champions were made as well. This includes a Chosen Attack Damage bonus stat reduction from 30 to 20 and a nerf to Cultist Chosen Galio stats—providing plus-one star level to Galio instead of two times the Chosen’s star level. 

Nerfs will be applied to Diana, Lissandra, and Talon in Patch 10.24, reducing their impact on the meta while giving other champions and traits a chance to shine at various stages of a game. Notable nerfs and buffs included an Aphelios AD increase, Jarvan IV mana reduction, Yasuo spell damage increase, Jinx rework, and a Warwick rework. 

Patch 10.24 goes live a day early on Nov. 24 in TFT. The final update of 2020 is scheduled to take place on Dec. 9.