All the trait and champ balance changes coming in TFT mid-set update

Here are the buffed champs and traits, along with new trait breakpoints.

Teamfight Tactics Jhin
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed today that big changes are coming to traits and champions in the Teamfight Tactics Set Three mid-set update. 

The TFT mid-set update may feel like a whole new set with a total of 14 champions being added to the pool, along with origins like Valkerie and Void being removed. These new champions will slot into new traits and existing ones. And to keep the meta balanced, there’s a number of changes to existing Set Three traits and champions taking place with the TFT mid-set update. 


Chrono just got a slight buff in Patch 10.11 and will again with the TFT mid-set update with buffs at four and six, as well as an added eight-piece bonus. Dark Star is also getting a significant buff in that any ally’s death will trigger the champions. 

And despite Mech Pilots getting a significant amount of buffs, it also got a slight nerf in that the pilots now come out damaged when the mech dies. Players can also test out new breakpoints with Sniper and Vanguard.

  • Chrono: Buffed four and six, also added an eight-piece bonus.
  • Dark Star: Now has breakpoints at 2/4/6/8 instead of 3/6/9 and now buffs Dark Star champions off any ally’s death, not just other Dark Stars.
  • Mech Pilot: The mech and pilots are all getting a lot of buffs. But now, when the mech dies, the pilots come out quite damaged.
  • Sniper: Now has breakpoints at 2/4. 
  • Vanguard: Now has breakpoints at 2/4/6.


Syndra fans can rejoice since she’ll never waste another orb again. Her extra org will move onto the next target once the initial one has been killed. Chrono players will also be happy about an Ezreal adjustment that has him cast sooner but dealing less damage than before. 

Ekko will also attack sooner. He can now hit his opponents multiple times while slowing the attacks of enemies. And for sniper players, slot Jhin in because the Dark Star champion now scales with star level. 

  • Ezreal: Now much more utility-focused and able to cast much sooner, but deals less damage.
  • Syndra: If she kills her target, extra orbs move on to the next target! Never waste an orb again.
  • Jhin: Attack speed now scales with star level, so this Dark Star killer’s 3-star form is even scarier.
  • Aurelion Sol: Fighter ships now drain enemies’ mana.
  • Ekko: Casts sooner, and attacks a number of times instead of every enemy once (so, if the enemy team has only a few champions left, he’ll hit them multiple times!). He also slows the attacks of enemies he hits.

The TFT Set Three mid-set update will occur in two weeks. But players on the PBE can begin testing these new champion and trait changes out this week.