All Tacticians, Battle Pass rewards, and bundles in Set 7 Dragonlands

Score free and purchasable cosmetics to scale up your gameplay in TFT Set Seven.

Tacticians and dragons reside together on the Dragonlands islands within Teamfight Tactics Set Seven, waiting for players to unlock them via the battle pass, battle pass-plus, and exclusive shop bundles. 

The TFT Set Seven battle pass for Dragonlands is slated to release on June 8 via Patch 12.11. Free-to-play players can earn Little Legend eggs and emotes from the battle pass. And an upgrade via the battle pass-plus offers exclusive Little Legends, Dragonlands-themed Arenas, unique Booms, and an exclusive tier-three Dragon Nursery Arena for 1,295 Riot Points (RP).

Players can choose to purchase the Dragonlands-plus pass at anytime prior to the release of the Mid-Set, earning all rewards based on experience points earned throughout Set Seven. 

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Dragonlands Battle Pass-Plus

Contained within the Dragonlands-plus pass are an Egg Sprite and Dragon Dancer Ossia Little Legends. Only tier one and two versions of Dragon Dancer Ossia are in the Dragonlands-plus pass. To unlock their third tier, players will have to use Star Shards. 

There are a total of four Booms: Spitfire, Dragon Tempest, Mighty Roar, and Reality Rift. And there are a total of three tier-one Arenas: Blackcliff Gorge, Shimmerstone Fields, and Jadebloom Oasis. 

All TFT Dragonlands battle pass rewards

There are a total of 42 rewards within the TFT Set Seven Dragonlands battle pass, along with three additional emote rewards upon completing the pass.

  • Egg Sprite
  • “What if?” Dragon emote
  • One-star SpitFire! Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Dragonlands Egg
  • One-star Dragon Tempest Boom
  • Random emote
  • 50 Star-shards
  • One-star Dragon Dancer Ossia
  • One-star Mighty Roar Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Little Legend egg, Series 1 to 10
  • One-star Reality Rift Boom
  • Blackcliff Gorge Arena
  • Two-star Spitfire! Boom
  • Dragonalnds egg
  • Random emote
  • Two-star Dragon Tempest Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Two-star Mighty Roar Boom
  • Little Legend egg, Series 1 to 10
  • Shimmerstone Fields Arena
  • Two-star Reality Rift Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • “You’re the Best” emote
  • Dragonlands egg
  • Three-star Spitfire! Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Little Legend egg, Series 1 to 10
  • Three-star Dragon Tempest Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Random emote
  • Three-star Might Roar Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Dragonalnds egg
  • “Unstoppable” emote
  • Two-star Dragon Dancer Ossia
  • Three-star Reality Rift Boom
  • 50 Star-shards
  • Dragonlands egg
  • LegendaryLittle Legend egg, Series 1 to 17 
  • Dragon Nursery Arena
  • Extras: Dragonlands: Enchanting, Dragonlands: Stellar, and Dragonlands: Beyond Compare emotes. 

Other Set Seven Tacticians and Arenas

Chibi Champions return to Set Seven, featuring Yasuo with a direct purchase price in the shop for 1,900 RP/TC. The new Chibi also comes with a special finisher, unseen before in TFT, providing a mini cinematic Boom. Players can also unlock a Yasuo Chibi Champion via Dragonlands eggs, priced at 490 RP/TC, with a guaranteed drop of Yasuo prior to cracking egg number 37. 

In addition to the Dragon Nursery Mythic Arena that is available through the Dragonlands-plus pass, there is a Sanctuary of the Ancient Arena as well. Both Choncc the Wise and the Sanctuary of the Ancient Arena are found in a Sanctuary Guardian Chest.

Priced at 390 RP, there is a five percent drop rate for Choncc. And if low-rolling plagues your cosmetic collection, players are guaranteed a Sanctuary of the Ancient Arena after opening 60 chests. 

Joining Choncc as purchasable Little legends are Burno and Poggles. Both have a total of six variations. 

Burno and Poggles can get purchased directly for 925 RP/TC or can get dropped via Dragonland eggs. 

All TFT Set Seven Dragonlands bundles

There are a total of three Dragonlands bundles players can purchase in the TFT store. 

Dragonlands Starter bundle

The Dragonlands Starter bundle is priced at 2,420 RP/TC. It contains the Dragonlands-plus pass, a one-star Burno, a one-star Poggles, and 100 bonus Star Shards.

Sanctuary of the Ancient bundle

The Sanctuary of the Ancient bundle is the most expensive of all the TFT Set Seven bundles, priced at 12,335 RP/TC. Included in the bundle is a Dragonlands-plus pass, 25 Sanctuary of the Ancient chests, one Chibi Yasuo, and five bonus Sanctuary of the Ancient chests. 

The TFT Dragonmancer bundle

Players who prefer eggs over chests can get the TFT Dragonmancer bundle, priced at 10,425 RP/TC. Contained within the Set Seven bundle is a Dragonlands-plus pass, 16 Dragonlands eggs, one Chibi Yasuo, and three bonus Dragonlands eggs. 

Update June 1 4:45pm CT: All TFT Set Seven Dragonlands pass rewards were added.