All new Spirit Blossom Little Legends coming to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 10.16

Aren't they cute?

Image via Riot Games

With the release of Spirit Blossom, an East Asian folklore-inspired multi-game event, Teamfight Tactics players will have the chance to unlock new Little Legends variants for Featherknight, Hushtail, and Melisma.

The event is a massive month-long thematic experience spanning across League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics from July 22 to Aug. 24. 

To coincide with the event, Riot is introducing a new purchasing option for one-star versions of all Spirit Blossom Little Legends. 

You previously had to buy eggs and hope and pray for your favorite Little Legends. But for Spirit Blossom, it’s a little bit different. In Patch 10.16, you’ll be able to choose whichever Little Legend you want. This only applies to one-star Spirit Blossom Little Legends.

Here are all 18 Little Legends making their way to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 10.16.

Featherknight Kami

Featherknight Yokai

Hushtail Kami

Hushtail Yokai

Melisma Kami

Melisma Yokai