Here are all the new Little Legends coming to Teamfight Tactics in Set 4 Fates

Feast your eyes on these cuties.

Image via Riot Games

Three new Little Legends are coming to Teamfight Tactics in Set Four Fates. There’s Ao Shin, Umbra, and Choncc—and they’re all adorable little dragons.

A descendant of the mighty Storm Dragons, Ao Shin—previously a League of Legends champion concept—is a guardian of the storm, conjuring up thunder and lightning to their advantage.

Umbra, on the other hand, is a purple shadow dragon. They may look guarded and reserved at first, but once a mortal has earned their trust, they show affection and dedication, using shadow and flame to defend their allies.

Choncc, though, is a chubby and eternally hungry whelping. They much prefer chowing down and mellowing out. But once provoked, they can quickly jump into action.

Here are all of the Little Legends, and their variants, making their way to Teamfight Tactics in the Set Four.

Ao Shin



Fates is scheduled to hit the live servers on Sept. 16 with TFT’s Patch 10.19.