3 of the best meta TFT 10.24 B-patch comps

Gain LP and rank up following the 10.24 B-patch.

Teamfight Tactics Jhin
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A total of five Teamfight Tactics nerfs were applied following the 10.24 update, shifting the meta slightly while providing balance throughout each stage.

Prior to the TFT 10.24 B-patch today, Zed Ninja and Divine Warwick dominated the mid and late-game stages in the meta. Warwick might stick around as an A-tier build but Ninjas will likely fall back to B-tier. Taking their place as the best 10.24 TFT comps will likely be six Dusk, Adept Hunters, and Sharpshooters. Diana, Double Bubble, and Warlord rerolls are also solid comps to play should the RNG stars align. 

Here are three of the best team comps to run following TFT’s 10.24 B-patch.


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Dusk isn’t an easy TFT build to pull off but is extremely powerful when put together. With a buff to Jhin in Patch 10.24 increasing his attack damage, the Sharpshooter is a solid second carry behind Riven. Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Guardian Angel are still the best TFT items for Jhin. And Riven’s items are flexible tank items that include Bramble Vest, Quicksilver Slash, and Ionic Spark. 

A Dusk Chosen champion for six Dusk is necessary if making a run for top-two within the lobby. Riven is the best choice followed by Cassiopeia. Other options include Vayne, Thresh, and Lillia. Cultist was the go-to second trait and should still be a solid choice despite the 10.24 B-patch nerf. Players can flex around the other slots with solid champions like Kayn, Azir, and Zilean. 

Adept Hunters

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Warwick might not be as strong following a nerf to Runnan’s Hurricane in the TFT 10.24 B-patch, but Hunters is still an S-tier build. Gone are the days of six Elderwood with Ashe. The build is now most consistent with Kindred, Ashe, and Warwick. Kindred is one of the most underrated and strongest mid-game champs to run and can flex within a number of various early builds. As a secondary carrier in the Adept Hunters comp, items that work best on Kindred are Blue Buff, Jewled Gauntlet, and Infinity Edge.

Ashe is still the primary carrier for the build, rocking items like Quicksilver Slash and Guardian Angel. Other items that she can utilize well include Hand of Justice, Blood Thirster, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Zeke’s Herald is also a solid alternative on a unit next to Ashe and Warrick. Hunters won’t carry the comp to a top lobby placement, though. Adept is a necessary trait utilizing champs like Irelia, Shen, and Yone. A Chosen Adept in the late-game stages (Shen or Yone) is particularly strong. Spirit is another trait that provides a solid boost of speed while Dazzler works well throughout the mid-game stages. 


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Without Zed and Yone terrorizing entire backlines, expect to see a revival with Sharpshooters in the second half of the TFT 10.24 meta. Jhin’s buff in conjunction with three-star Teemo or Vayne may bring the comp back into S-tier status. Jinx is no longer the primary carry following nerfs to her stun, but she is still a powerful unit that can also provide Fortune synergies during the early and mid-game stages. Jhin should be the main carry followed by either Jinx or Riven. Itemizing Vayne as a three-star is also strong, along with Teemo. 

Sharpshooter is a flexible comp to build around. Should items or units fail to come together, it’s easy to transition into either Dusk or Adept Hunters. Best items on Jhin include Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Guardian Angel. Providing another sharpie with Zeke’s Herald and Locket of the Iron Solari will provide the necessary speed and shield protection during the late-game stages.  The other sharpshooters are flexible with items but try to equip Jinx with Spear of Shojin and Vayne with Guinsoo’s Rageblade to maximize their firepower. 


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