3 easy-to-play team compositions for Teamfight Tactics’ upcoming Set 2: Rise of the Elements

New Set? Don’t sweat it.

Image via Riot Games

With Teamfight Tactics Set Two around the corner, fans may be overwhelmed by the new cast of champions, origins, classes, and items. One player has a solution for that, though.

Grandmaster TFT player 1hit10kills shared three beginner team compositions for Set Two that should make for an easier transition into the autobattler’s second season, scheduled to launch tomorrow. The European player broke down what champions to use, optimal times for rerolling, and how to efficiently itemize your units in a Reddit post today.

Here are three easy-to-play team comps for TFT Set Two: Rise of the Elements.

Woodland Ocean Mage

Screengrab via Lolchess.gg

The Ocean trait bonus allows units to restore mana quicker. Coupling that with Mages, who have a chance to double cast their abilities, means that units can deal as much damage as possible in a short time frame.

Players should focus on accruing Vladimir, Maokai, Neeko, Syndra, and LeBlanc as early as possible, with the intention of making them three-star units. Due to these champions’ low cost, players don’t have to level up to acquire them and can just focus on saving gold.

“To make this build work you need to 3 star your units,” according to 1hit10kills. “Unlike other hyperoll comps, I don’t reroll on lv4 because most units are tier 2. I reroll after krugs only to make my team stronger if I have to, then econ to 50 and reroll all my extra gold.”

The European player suggests building tank items, like Warmog’s Armor or Phantom Dancer, on Maokai to make him unkillable. Since mages tend to target enemy units randomly, the Maokai can buy time to ensure your champions deal as much damage as possible.

Shadow Inferno

Screengrab via Lolchess.gg

Shadow Inferno comps are a great option from start to finish since they’re strong early and transition well into the late game. Shadow units deal increased damage at the beginning of combat, refreshing on each takedown. Inferno units, on the other hand, burn the ground beneath their targets to deal percentage magic damage over time.

“In the early game, I usually start with infernals but you can also go for 3 summoners if you find an early Azir,” 1hit10kills said. “A very important unit for transitioning is Varus. He is just great with Kindred enabling both the infernal and the ranger buff.”

Players can ultimately aim for a Master Yi to join Kindred as the late-game carry since the Shadow and Blademaster bonuses will help him refresh his increased damage. Placing a Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Yi, along with a Guardian Angel to keep him alive, will allow him to take over the game. Getting a Seraph’s and Rabadon’s on Kindred will also help them use their abilities quicker and deal more damage with it.

Poison Ranger

Screengrab via Lolchess.gg

This team composition is simple—place Ashe and Twitch in the backline and let them work. Rangers have a chance to double their attack speed, while Poison units increase the target’s mana cost by 50 percent.

Twitch’s ability will allow him to hit multiple enemies from far away, increasing all of their mana costs. Ashe, equipped with a Guinsoo’s and Bloodthirster, will also be a carry while tankier units, like Singed and Taric, absorb all the damage.