YouTuber creates GTA RP server NoPixel 3.0 cinematic trailer

"A city to burn."

Image via Rockstar Studios

With a new edition of the NoPixel GTA RP server, YouTuber Marcologna has released a new cinematic trailer made from stories taken on the server.

The creation titled “A city to burn” runs for seven minutes and captures most of the stories that have been taking place on the NoPixel 3.0 sever since its launch.

With only a small team working on the project led by Marcologna, what they have produced is stunning with incredible animation and excellent storytelling.

In the trailer, fans see a variety of their favorite streamers and personalities from the server, including streamers such as Summit1g, Sodapoppin, and xQc all making an appearance.

Marcologna’s creation has been welcomed with praise from not only fans but also many of the streamers who are currently taking part on the server.

This isn’t the first time that the YouTuber had created a video like this based on NoPixel. Last year, Marcologna created a cinematic trailer based on the previous version of the server, as well as a series of shorts showcasing events that took place in a cinematic way. Fans eagerly await a similar creation for the events currently unfolding on the server.