You can now pay $500 for YouTube memberships

Its a members only club.

Image via YouTube

YouTube has increased its membership cap adding a wider range of membership tiers for streamers, as first reported by Zach Bussey.

Compared to Twitch’s subscriber tiers, YouTube provided a far greater range of membership prices allowed to be set by streamers. Initially ranging from $0.99 to $99.99, YouTube has expanded the membership cap and prices ranges for the higher end. In $50 increments, streamers can add membership levels anywhere from $99 to $499.

YouTube is also increasing creator’s tier limits from 5 to 6 membership levels. This way, YouTube streamers can add a membership tier from one of the newly released high levels without having to delete any previously standing membership tier.

With the emergence of YouTube’s streaming division, the video hosting platform rolled out its membership program back in 2020. Most analogous to Twitch’s subscriber option, memberships provide viewers a means of contributing to their selected channel on a monthly basis. Members can grant viewers badges, emotes, and any other benefits given by the streamer.

YouTube has also significantly built out its streaming division over the past year. Along with adding popular content creators such as Ludwig, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and more, the platform has also significantly increased its viewer features and monetization options. In another recent move, YouTube added membership gifting to several select channels for testing.

While not all of YouTube’s streaming creators are completely satisfied with the platform, YouTube has certainly attempted to make strides in order to keep up with its streaming competitors. Increasing monetization options for its streamers, YouTube hopes to gradually make its platform more hospitable for creators.