DrDisrespect unfollows YouTube Gaming, claims platform ‘doesn’t support’ its streamers

The Doc takes another swing at his platform.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Popular YouTube streamer has DrDisrespect called out his current platform, YouTube Gaming. The former Streamer of the Year stated he has recently unfollowed the platform’s social media pages due to a supposed “lack of support” for streamers.

The two-time made his YouTube streaming debut back in Aug. 2020 after being (quite mysteriously) banned from Twitch and has since had no problem sharing his gripes with the platform. In a previous tweet on Mar. 17, DrDisrespect slammed the platform for not following them despite “putting YouTube Gaming on the map.”

In a May 2 Tweet, DrDisrespect once again lashed out at YouTube Gaming, this time making a statement by unfollowing the platform. “I had to unfollow YouTubeGaming,” the streamer stated, “They don’t support us one bit. Why would I support them? Such a phony industry I’m in.”

In previous tweets, the Doc called out YouTube for failing to recognize his personal contributions to the platform. This time around, the accomplished streamer condemned YouTube’s alleged disinterest for streamers on the platform in general. DrDisrespect’s fiery Tweet comes at an interesting time, as YouTube has significantly grown its roster of active streamers. Though adding well-known content creators like TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and most recently Sykkuno, DrDisrespect and his fans have remained highly critical of the platform.

DrDisrespect has cemented himself as a force in streaming, regardless of the platform he occupies. One of the largest creators on Twitch during his long stint on the platform, DrDisrespect has managed to sustain his success and transition the majority of his audience onto YouTube.

Though he is one of the most prevalent figures in the YouTube streaming space as it expands, DrDisrespect has remained one of the most skeptical as well.