YouTube now hides number of dislikes from viewers

YouTube's dislike button is staying, but the ratio is not.

Image via YouTube

YouTube announced in an update it will hide the total number of dislikes from viewers. This change has already taken effect.

YouTube said it made this change “to ensure that YouTube promotes respectful interactions between viewers and creators.” In the statement, YouTube mentioned it had previously experimented with the dislike button. Previously, content creators were given the individual ability to remove the dislike ratio.

These experiments reportedly found that the data “showed a reduction in dislike attacking behavior,” specifically in smaller channels, which are often the targets of mass dislike brigades. Ultimately, the announcement claims this change reinforces the site’s core values and “promotes respectful interactions between viewers and creators.”

While viewers may not be able to see the like-to-dislike ratio, the dislike button will still be there on every video. Creators will now be the only ones with access to their video’s dislike counts. You will be able to find the exact amount of dislikes, along with other metrics, in YouTube Studio.

Users of the video platform will still be able to dish out dislikes where they see fit, and disliking videos will still continue to contribute to your personalized algorithm and recommendations.

YouTube acknowledges that many people may disagree which their decision. Many have used the very public dislike ratio to pass judgment over videos. YouTube justifies its decision by stating that this will help to make its platform a more “inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves.”