YouTube introduces new video clipping feature to compete with Twitch

Clip it and ship it.

Image via YouTube Gaming

Twitch has always held an upper hand in the war between video game streaming platforms, but YouTube Gaming is attempting to close the gap by adding a new clipping feature. 

One of the many features that’s made Twitch massively popular compared to other platforms is the ability for viewers to cut out short videos from streams called “clips.” And today, YouTube announced that it’s started the process of testing a clipping tool on a “small group of creators.” 

Clipping videos is a way for viewers and streamers to make bite-sized nuggets of content that can be shared across social media. The potential for those clips to go viral promotes a streamer’s content and promotes the entire platform as well. 

Making clips on YouTube will be available to users on PC as well as Android devices. And similar to Twitch clips, the video’s length can range from five to 60 seconds. 

Channels involved in testing will have an icon under their video of a pair of scissors that you can click to start the clipping process. YouTube’s announcement didn’t include a list of streamers that will be involved in the clipping test, however.