XQc’s identity was stolen in Los Angeles

Twitch streamer Ludwig reveals that a catfisher stole xQc’s identity and sent people to their Sh*tcamp house

Screengrab via xQcOW on Twitch

At the end of September, TSM’s QTCinderella organized a Twitch celebrity-filled event called Shitcamp 2021, where top streamers like xQcOW, Ludwig, Hasanabi, Sodapoppin, and Justaminx stayed at a house in Los Angeles and participated in a wide range of activities. 

For example, on Sept. 28 the group threw a “PJ Party” stream on Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel. During the PJ party, xQc, Myth and others put on dresses and makeup and posed with each other, garnering over 700,000 views total on the stream. 

Unfortunately, some fans took things too far during Shitcamp. On a Sept. 30 stream after Shitcamp was over, Ludwig explained, “People on the internet are fucking weird…someone found the address of the place we doing [Shitcamp].” He said fans started showing up to the different events that were happening, such as the kickball tournament that featured members of 100 Thieves and OfflineTV. Fans were “lurking around the field,” he said.

But the strangest thing happened at the Shitcamp house itself the night of Sept 29.

“The weirdest thing…we were hanging out the night after the Sodapoppin stream where we were doing drag and we had security guards just in case, which was a good thing because someone showed up and they said ‘Umm, I’m looking for Felix?’” 

According to Ludwig, the security guard let the person in without consulting any of the Twitch streamers participating in Shitcamp. Ludwig said he thought the surprise visitor was a stream sniper that wanted a picture with xQc. But the person referred to Felix with she/her pronouns and seemed very confused.

“This dude was getting flirted with by a viewer who was pretending to be xQc in drag as a woman catfishing this guy and then giving the address to show up to go on a ‘date’ with woman xQc,” Ludwig revealed. “Which is psychopathic… someone did that. Many people showed up.” 

After Ludwig revealed that xQc’s identity had been stolen to catfish people in Los Angeles, xQc responded on his stream and was not happy that Ludwig had made the story public. “Ah, what? [Ludwig] actually leaked this?” xQc went on to explain what he thinks happened during Shitcamp. 

“I think somebody made a profile on like a dating site with my like girly pictures or some shit, and they were, like, sending these people to the house looking to date me…that’s so weird. That’s like fucking deranged…I don’t think it’s funny at all.” 

When Ludwig was asked by his chat if people actually believed that xQc was a girl, Ludwig replied, “I don’t know, but X looked hot in drag, I won’t lie.”