XQc’s brother discovers what a GIGACHAD is

Nick quickly earns a reputation on stream.

XQc may be extremely knowledgable of memes and certain internet terms, but his brother, Nick, apparently is not well-versed in the material.

Nick made a brief, albeit memorable appearance on xQc’s stream today, which led to viewers quickly flooding the chat with the GIGACHAD emote. An emote featuring the likeness of an almost comically ripped and sculpted man, Twitch chats usually use this emote to describe someone they admire. After being shown the rapid spamming chat, Nick was as to what this comparison meant.

XQc explained that the chat was comparing him to the bodybuilder’s image, which led Nick to comment how he could only wish to be as built as the chat thought. Nick left just seconds later, but chat certainly came to bond with xQc’s brother in the few moments he appeared on stream.

Since moving back to his home province of Quebec after facing near-constant swatting issues, xQc has begun to show much more of his home life. So maybe we will see much more of Nick and xQc’s family and friends as time progresses.