XQc won’t be attending Sh*t Camp—unless Sodapoppin goes

His claim comes despite being listed as a confirmed participant.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

QTCinderella posted a video yesterday unveiling all of the confirmed attendees of this year’s Shit Camp, which is set for next week, and there were a few notable names missing.

While there were a whopping 18 content creators named in the video, three personalities weren’t on the list, including Sodapoppin, Nick Polom, and Malena, and even though xQc was included in the video, he had a message for anyone who thought he’d stick around with Soda.

“I’m not going if Soda’s not going,” he said. “I’ll come in and then go.”

Soda hasn’t posted on social media explaining why he isn’t listed as one of the confirmed attendees, but it’s likely no coincidence that Polom and Malena weren’t on the list as well, considering the three live with one another. All three personalities attended the event last year and were listed as featured participants of the camp.

It’s unclear if xQc was only saying his attendance is dependent on Sodapoppin as a joke or if he’s serious. It’s difficult to tell at times with xQc, as can be made evident by his at times sporadic stream schedule, which Ludwig found out about the hard way.

Shit Camp is a four-day event run by QTCinderella that in the past has involved a massive amount of IRL-style streaming. Last year’s event included a scavenger hunt and ended with a kickball tournament between members of 100Thieves, One True King, and OfflineTV, as well as numerous other popular creators.