xQc tragically loses 400,000 Runes in one unfortunate Elden Ring accident

xQc takes a spill.

xQc looks on Twitch stream.
Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

After hours of farming the in-game currency of Elden Ring, popular streamer xQc lost over 400,000 Runes in one unfortunate jump.

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s latest action-adventure RPG, which only one day after release has already latched onto the attention of countless streamers. Peaking at 860,000 concurrent viewers, per Twitch Tracker, Elden Ring is currently Twitch’s largest driver in viewership.

Popular streamer and former OWL pro xQc has already poured over 24 hours into the game, which is remarkable since the game has only been out for two days. In a recent stream, the French-Canadian streamer had spent hours farming Elden Ring’s in-game currency, Runes. The streamer had amassed over 400,000 Runes, hoping to spend them before his untimely demise.

Similar to Souls in Dark Souls, Runes act the game’s primary currency and can buy a wide variety of items at specific locations. After dying, players have to retrieve their Runes by returning to the location of their death. If a player dies before they are able to pick up their swath of currency, then it is gone forever.

xQc had already died once and was on his way to recoup his lost Runes when tragedy struck. Traversing the treacherous terrain, xQc took one unfortunate jump and ended up plummeting to his death.

The streamer could not stop himself from yelling once the weight of his mistake set in. “At this point, fuck it dude, I’m done,” xQc bitterly said, as his chat spammed “-400K” and “-1 hour.” Though it was certainly a blow to his morale, xQc continued streaming Elden Ring for several more hours before finally calling it quits for the night.