XQc slams viewers for defending creators’ use of slurs in light of Adin Ross controversy

XQc confronts the Adin Ross drama.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves

Popular Twitch streamer xQc pleaded for creators to cease using slurs and condemned viewers making apologies on behalf of their favorite content creators in a recent tweet.

Known for his candor and bold assertions on Twitter, xQc weighed in on a viewer’s place in creator controversies. “Stop saying slurs and stop making apologies for your fucking ‘creators,'” xQc said. “We ‘used to’ do a lot of things in the past. We don’t live there anymore. No one is being soft, you are being dumb. Holy.”

Though not outright disclaiming his intention, it is likely that xQc was addressing the recent controversy around Adin Ross. The American variety streamer recently had a clip from a friend’s stream surface in which he’s accused of saying the f-slur. YourRAGE, the streamer who Ross dropped in on, seemingly attempted to hide that it was the creator by referring to him as “Allen Moss” shortly after the slur was said.

Drawing in commenters from this recent controversy, xQc reiterated his stance in a reply. Twitter user Dolarue gave their opinion that apology videos create entitled viewers, which leads to a “toxic platform.” XQc was quick to respond, writing, “apologize for yourself, if that’s what you believe in. Don’t apologize for anybody else,” the streamer said. “You feel like you are right and don’t want to apologize? Don’t. Pay the price. Simple trade. No one forces you to do anything.”

XQc’s stance on the topic was met with general praise from both viewers and fellow streamers. So far, Ross has yet to be banned from any platform. The content creator’s apparent usage of the homophobic slur, however, has sparked controversy within and outside of Ross’ community.