XQC says he plans to purchase rights to his outro music to avoid DMCA

First he needs the band's permission.

Screengrab via xQc

Streamers have been forced to make large changes to their content to abide by copyright law that Twitch has recently been cracking down on.

Popular streamer xQc shared he’s considering purchasing the rights to a song to keep it as his outro music that is played at the end of his streams.

XQc’s outro music is “Exitlude” by the rock band The Killers, and the streamer told his chat he planned to tweet at the band and request they give him permission to use their song. He asked his viewers what they thought the band would charge for the rights to use the song. The guesses varied, but xQc said he would purchase the rights regardless as he believes the song is important for his stream.

“I’ll buy regardless because I think it is part of the stream’s identity and whatever the price is I don’t want to lose that,” xQc said.

Over the past month, Twitch has been cracking down on users who have had music playing on their streams that they do not own the rights for. Hundreds of streamers who are partnered with Twitch have received DMCA strikes or in some cases been banned for music not just on their recent streams, but also on any clips or previous VODs that remain on their channels. To assist with streamers using music on their streams Twitch has opened the beta for their music streaming service SoundTrack.