XQc responds to Esports Awards Streamer of the Year snub

The Gaming Warlord wasn't surprised to see his name absent from the list.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

During a recent broadcast, xQc stumbled across the Esports Awards’ Streamer of the Year nominations and quickly noticed that he was not on the list. But rather than being upset at the apparent snub, the Twitch star believes he didn’t work hard enough to deserve a spot.

The Esports Awards is an annual award ceremony that aims to celebrate achievements across the esports industry. The live event has been hosted for five consecutive years, with the most recent Streamer of the Year award winner being massively popular Spanish creator Ibai.

Fans believed 2022 could finally be the year their favorite streamer xQc would win the prestigious award, but unfortunately, they’ll have to wait another year, as the 26-year-old wasn’t even nominated.

The official Esports Awards Twitter account shared the Streamer of the Year nominations on July 1, and when reacting to the Tweet, xQc was unsurprised to see his name missing from the list.

“I mean, dude, I was fucking lazy this year, man, it is what it is,” xQc said. “I fucking fell off it is what it is.”

Many fans disagree despite xQc’s comments on being too “lazy” to deserve a nomination. One viewer in his Twitch chat wrote, “such a joke” when referring to the Esports Awards’ nominations, while many other viewers seemed surprised not to see the Twitch star’s name.

After his initial reaction to the Tweet, xQc pointed out that YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig was absent from the list as well before further cementing his views on the Streamer of the Year award. “I’m not even mad for myself, I told you guys, I literally don’t give a fuck about not being on these lists,” xQc said.