XQc parts ways with Sentinels

It looks like xQc is ready to spread his wings.

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

After a year and a half under the Sentinels banner, Félix “xQc” Lengyel and the organization have agreed to part ways so the variety streamer can “pursue new opportunities.”

Since signing with the team in February 2019 as a streamer and substitute player for Overwatch Contenders team Gladiators Legion, xQc has only continued to grow his following as a content creator. 

The former Overwatch pro averages around 40,000 viewers per stream and almost always peaks above 50,000 during each broadcast over the last month, according to TwitchTracker. Since 2017, his channel growth and viewership has rarely dipped, with graphs for both followers gained and hours watched on Twitch still trending upward. 

Screengrab via TwitchTracker

According to StreamElements’ most recent data report, xQc is back on top in terms of individual viewership for the first time since 2019. He held that top position several times last year and pulled in around 13 million hours watched on Twitch just through July 2020 alone. 

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His growth on YouTube has been a little less stable, but he is nearing 1 million subscribers and has more than 380 million video views on his channel. 

This release comes at the request of xQc, which Sentinels granted “effective immediately.”

“While we hate to see xQc leave, we couldn’t be more excited about his future,” Sentinels said. “His time as a Sentinel was cherished by everyone in the organization, and we know he will continue to find success in whatever he does next. We’ll always be there in chat spamming xQcL.”