xQc nearly leaks Overwatch 2 after opening it on stream

The juicer narrowly avoids disaster.

Screengrab via xQc

Popular streamer and former Overwatch League pro xQc panicked after opening Blizzard’s unreleased Overwatch 2 on stream, nearly showing more of the highly-anticipated game.

During a stream yesterday, xQc, trying to play Overwatch with fellow streamers Pokelawls and Adept, mindlessly flipped to the Overwatch tab of Battle.net and hit play. One thing the streamer neglected to notice, however, was that he was not selecting the base Overwatch game, but he instead had selected the program marked as a ‘test server.’

Upon realizing his mistake, xQc flew into a panicked frenzy, closing his screen as soon as he could. Alhough viewers only got to see Overwatch 2’s loading title screen, xQc immediately assumed the worst.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” the former OWL pro screamed, defeatedly dropping his head. “I’m going to jail.”

While his streamer companions assured him that this potential breach of contract likely did not have jailtime implications, xQc remained mortified that he was almost the first person to leak the game.

Before becoming the viral streamer sensation that he is now, xQc made his start in the Overwatch League. On the Dallas Fuel, xQc played for a majority of the first season as one of the team’s main tanks, becoming notorious for his Winston play. Controversy ended his professional career before the end of the inaugural season, but xQc remained a popular figure in the Overwatch community.

Although he won’t be going to jail for his blunder, Blizzard may be regretting its choice to give xQc a beta code.