XQc issues warning to chat hoppers following failed robbery attempt on GTA V RP server NoPixel

New leaf?

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After a failed robbery attempt on the GTA V RP server No Pixel 3.0, popular streamer xQc issued a stern warning to his chat, telling them not to chat hop.

This stemmed from an incident where a law enforcement officer shot down X inside the vault as he was in an un-skippable animation collecting money.

After he was gunned down, xQc was quick to address his chat and discourage them from heading to the other streamer’s channel as has happened in the past.

“I feel like if I say anything, even if it’s the right take, chat hoppers will go on her stream and trash her, so I’ll just mute myself and go grab a GFuel,” xQc said.

“Don’t chat hop, all I said, I said the game’s a scenario, I said what I did, and I said that I’m mad. I promise I’m not actually mad at anybody out of character. Don’t chat hop or get mad; it’s fine.”

XQc also said that users who do chat hop will be cross banned on his channel for their actions.

Last week, xQc was banned from the NoPixel server for the third time because of chat hoppers. At the time, he was accused of encouraging them, but has since taken a new hard stance against it.

Fans were notably upset with how the situation ended for X in this most recent robbery attempt. Since being back on the server he had been taking the RP seriously, and xQc’s joker-inspired persona during this robbery was one of his best.