xQc unbanned from GTA V NoPixel 3.0 server

Back in the fold.

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

After a week of being banned from the GTA V roleplay server NoPixel 3.0, xQc’s ban was lifted today.

While the popular streamer was live playing Minecraft, xQc received the news that he would be allowed back into the NoPixel roleplaying server.

This happened the day following xQc stating that his streams will continue with the mindset that he would be permanently banned from the server. The streamer reportedly shared this while he was off-stream on Discord, according to xQcOWUpdates.

The streamer’s most recent ban from NoPixel was his third. The punishment was believed to have stemmed from the actions of his chat, where he was accused of encouraging them.

At the time of the ban, the duration on the form said that it would be a permanent punishment.

xQc’s return to the RP server will certainly see more eyes turn towards NoPixel 3.0 once more. xQc may or may not have turned over a new leaf–but more entertainment is almost definitely incoming for fans of one of Twitch’s most popular content creators.