XQc issues counterclaim following his recent Twitch ban for streaming the Olympic Games

The streamer is sticking to his guns and fighting for fair use.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After receiving his fourth ban on Twitch last week, popular streamer xQc has decided to contest the DMCA claim on his channel reportedly from the Olympic Committee and has issued a counterclaim for his broadcast on July 28.

During his return stream, xQc explained the situation and elaborated on what the counterclaim means. “It’s kind of like saying ‘no I’m right’ kind of,” xQc said. “It’s like saying, this is transformative content, this is fair use, and this is not what you guys claim it is, so we counterclaimed it.”

XQc continued sharing that issuing his counterclaim means the strike will be removed while they fight back against its enforcement. The streamer said if the issue escalates, it has the potential to get “crazy.”

While xQc believes he has a solid case to dispute the action, he admitted that the fight against the strike, which he claims came from the Olympic Committee, won’t be simple and has the potential to cost him millions.

When xQc’s ban took place last week, it wasn’t exactly clear what caused the action. But many fans speculated it was due to his viewing of the Olympic broadcast, which the streamer also confirmed in his return stream.

His reaction content got his channel struck, according to the streamer. And although this usually wouldn’t result in an immediate ban on his channel, because it was a live broadcast, a two-day ban was put in place to stop xQc from continuing to stream the content.

Fortunately for his fans, xQc is back streaming on Twitch. But it’s unclear how sticking to his guns and issuing his counterclaim will play out. It could be quite a while before the issue is fully resolved.