XQc banned from Twitch, potentially for watching Olympic highlights

He believes that he may have been "live-DMCA'd."

Screengrab via xQc

XQc received a ban on Twitch today after he reportedly watched Olympic highlights that he believes got him “live DMCA’d.”

In a tweet about the ban, xQc claimed that he thought he was taking the “necessary precautions” and “didn’t expect” to be banned. 

“Really didn’t expect it but I [could’ve] easily avoided this,” xQc said. “Sorry for everyone involved including the viewers. I’ll be better/smarter next time and follow guidelines more strictly.”

StreamerBans, a website that tracks disciplinary action toward streamers, notes that this is xQc’s fourth ban on the platform since the site started tracking his activity in 2019. This is his first ban in 2021. Last year, he was banned three times, one of which was just for a day.

Trying to deduce where the ban came from, Jake Lucky from Esports Talk posted on Twitter that the ban was likely for xQc “watching Olympic highlights on stream.”

If true, the takedown would follow a highly restrictive approach that the Games have taken toward protecting the media rights of their partners.

So far during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, numerous social media accounts have had action taken against them for posting videos on places like Instagram and Twitter. NBC holds the broadcasting rights to the Olympics in the U.S.