XQc claims family tensions and breakup prevented him from attending Sh*t Camp

XQc's most recent drama, explained.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

Popular streamer xQc claimed on stream that his recent breakup with partner and fellow streamer Adept prevented him from attending QTCinderella’s collaborative content creator event, Shit Camp. But Adept rebuked these claims and took issue with the former Overwatch pro leaking their apparent split.

In the days leading up to Shit Camp, many viewers and streamers alike took issue with xQc after he suddenly decided to skip the event he was initially promised to attend. While the French-Canadian streamer claimed he refused because fellow streamer Sodapoppin did not intend to make an appearance, xQc has since clarified that he skipped Shit Camp due to his breakup with longtime partner Adept and a purported family conflict.

On a late night Sept. 15 stream, xQc said he felt torn choosing between either his family or Adept. Providing further details, xQc claimed that a “not fixable” conflict between the streamer’s brother and respective significant other and Adept ultimately drove their eventual breakup. While the streamer said in retrospect he wished he attended Shit Camp, xQc said he could not bring himself to put on an act and instead took the blame for failing to attend so Adept would not be targeted.

“I should have went and played it out and just played the part,” xQc admitted. “But my friends and everybody, they know I have a hard time doing that. I have never been good at it, and everybody knows this, that I’m not good at faking things and keeping things private. Especially when it comes to breakups, I think it’s really lame to leak anything or go public and I told [Adept] that I wouldn’t, so I feel really bad now that I kinda did.”

XQc said that he ultimately chose to air out the breakup and the supposedly true reason he did not attend Shit Camp due to the mass amounts of hate he was receiving both inside and outside of his community.

Responding to xQc’s stream clips, Adept disapproved of xQc’s decision to leak not only their breakup but the personal reasons behind their split. Adept also claimed that the breakup was not the reason why he did not attend Shit Camp and that xQc had already intended on skipping the event.

“It’s not the truth about him not going. He had already decided that he was not going,” Adept said. “He had already said the things about Shit Camp that really got everyone upset toward QTCinderella’s efforts. He was already killing the hype by saying negative shit around it. Then we broke up.”

Neither streamer has commented since their respective Sept. 15 streams, leaving many viewers curious if there are any further details either will release about the apparent breakup.