XQc calls for Twitch to permanently ban all stream snipers

TTV Andys watch out.

Screengrab via xQcOW on Twitch

Twitch star xQc lashed out in a wave of frustration during his stream today, saying all stream snipers deserve to get permanently banned from Twitch.

XQc was playing Poppy Playtime, a horror puzzle game on Steam, when he took particular issue with snipers who have “TTV” in their name—an abbreviation of Twitch’s URL commonly used for self-promotion. Players were likely promoting their own Twitch channels and hoping to siphon off a piece of xQc’s massive audience through stream sniping, though the famous content creator had some choice words for them.

“This goes to all the TTV Andys,” xQc said. “If you’re a TTV Andy, you’re a fucking sucker and a cucklord if you snipe as a TTV, you should just be perma’d.” XQc said he wouldn’t report them because he’s not petty, “but the reality is they should get perma’d,” according to him.

Stream sniping is a common occurrence in the world of Twitch. It happens whenever players watch an individual’s stream and track them down in-game. Players often use this to gain an upper hand on the streamer in whatever game they are playing and to ambush the creator. Countless streamers have dealt with this issue, both big names and lesser-known creators.

XQc is far from the first streamer to take issue with stream snipers and call on the platform to act against them. Though a persistent issue among many of the platform’s largest and most popular streamers, Twitch has yet to find a solution to the problem.