World of Warcraft hotfix disrupts Limit’s lead in Race to World First

They've recovered, though.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The European freight trains that are the Method and Pieces guilds began raiding today, and it took little time for the guilds to start closing the distance on the top North American guild, Limit. 

The quick catch-up didn’t come without a caveat, however. While Method and Pieces were spending their time trying to erase the 16-hour advantage that North American guilds had, Limit was busy relearning a boss they had already nearly beaten due to a midday hotfix by Blizzard.

Limit spent three hours today testing strategies on Ra-den the Despoiled, slowly progressing further into the fight, before being forced to completely relearn the fight from the start because Blizzard decided to make a hotfix to the boss in the middle of the day.

After getting the boss’s health to as low as 15.5 percent, Limit had to adjust their strategy forcing them to pull the boss 77 times before ultimately killing it. Prior to Ra-den, the guild had 57 attempts on all of the seven bosses before Ra-den.

As one might expect, member of the guild, like GM Maximum, weren’t pleased by the change made to the boss mid-progression while they had a lead.

“When you release a boss, keep it that way,” he tweeted. “Don’t let a guild get to 15% then completely change a phase.”

Frustration with changes isn’t a new thing for Max. Before the raid yesterday, hotfixes were made to corruption gear that was released in the most recent patch, and Max had expressed that last minute changes make it difficult for top guilds to plan for the raid

“Really wish blizzard would make changes before heroic week,” he said. “Really sucks for players to put a ton of time and effort into a gearing a character based on the tuning they give us all just to nerf them by 8% before a raid comes out giving no time to adjust.”

At the time of writing this piece, Method has not yet killed Ra-den, and has wiped 43 total times, with 17.8 percent HP on the boss being their best attempt.

The hiccup for Limit proved to be just a mild inconvenience. After eventually killing Ra-den, the guild made quick work of the raid’s next boss, Drest’agath, adding to its list of World First boss kills in the raid. It took the guild just 16 attempts to defeat that boss.

Now working to down the 10th boss of the instance, Limit has again established a sizable lead over the top European guilds, who have just finished their first day of raiding.