Method erases Limit’s 16-hour Race to World First head start in less than half a day

It wasn't without its roadblocks, though.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft Race to World First (RWF) is in full swing with European guilds gaining access to the raid. But it didn’t take more than 12 hours for reigning RWF winner Method to catch up to North America’s top guild, Complexity Limit. 

WoW raids have notoriously always had a staggered release date with North America getting access to raids 16 hours before European guilds. That hasn’t stopped the region from getting WF finishes on every raid this expansion, though, which began in the fall of 2018. 

While Limit’s head start was hindered by extended server maintenance that frustrated many players and viewers, the region eventually gained access to Ny’alotha, the Waking City at around 12pm CT, three hours after they were originally supposed to be able to log in. 

Despite the issue, the North American guilds had about 13 hours to get as far as they could before European guilds started progressing in the raid. On the first day, Limit built up to seven boss kills out of a total of 12. 

With European guilds in action today, that seven boss lead began to dwindle quickly as Limit started to face some of the stronger bosses in the raid that require more time and effort to strategize against. 

In just under 12 hours, Method and fellow European guild Pieces have been able to kill all of the bosses that Limit has killed thus far, putting them in prime position to truly contend for the RWF crown.

Method’s ability to cut into Limit’s lead isn’t a foreign occurrence. The earlier bosses in most raids are ones that top guilds like Method typically blow through without much difficulty, making it easy to close the gap. 

Though Method has technically killed as many bosses as Limit now, the North American guild still holds an advantage in the form of experience against the remaining bosses. Limit has progressed the furthest in the fight against the boss that both guilds are working on, Ra-den the Spoiler. The guild has taken the boss all the way down to around 15 percent health before dying. 

Method’s attempts at playing catch up didn’t come without any stumbles, either. Of the bosses that both guilds have killed, Limit has defeated four of them in fewer attempts than Method. Most notably, Xanesh, the Inquisitor was a boss that took Method 38 attempts to kill. It took Limit just 24 tries, however.