Wilbur Soot temporarily replaced by Ph1LzA in Minecraft Championship Pride 2021 (MCC) due to fire alarm

The situation happened midway through the fifth round.

YouTuber Wilbur Soot has been replaced temporarily by Philza on Pink Parrots in Minecraft Championship Pride 2021 after a fire alarm forced him to retire early.

The situation happened midway through the fifth round, Battle Tag, forcing Wilbur Soot to stop playing and causing an emergency pause. Pink Parrots won’t be a man down, though, as Noxcrew quickly replaced him with Ph1LzA at least on a temporary basis until he could return.

This is the first time a player has been replaced mid-event during MCC, with some teams in the past being forced to play a player down due to varying issues.

While we don’t know how Wilbur Soot is doing currently, according to his team including Technoblade, there is no fire happening at the YouTuber’s home, and he is trying to deal with the issue. Once we discover more about what is going on, we will update this article with more information.

MCC Pride 2021 is currently underway with Pink Parrots, now including Philza, trying to secure a top-two spot to try for the win at the end of the event in Dodgebolt.

Update June 26, 16:05 CT: Wilbur Soot has since returned and taken his spot from Ph1LzA after Battle Box. Wilbur will continue the tournament from round 7 onwards.