Why was Ludwig banned from streaming on YouTube Gaming?

"Kids' music is the worst thing that ever happened to YouTube."

Screengrab via Ludwig

It didn’t take long for YouTube Gaming’s new golden boy to get into a little bit of trouble, and the reason for Ludwig’s swift ban on the platform might make you laugh.

Ludwig turned heads earlier this week after announcing he was moving from Twitch in favor of an exclusive deal to stream on YouTube Gaming. But in his third stream on the platform, the content creator was slapped with a short ban.

On one of his alternate YouTube channels, Mogul Mail, he explained why he was banned in a short three-minute video.

During his stream on Thursday, Ludwig said he was trying to look through the “most classic vintage YouTube videos of all-time,” and during that time, he stumbled across the music video for the song “Baby Shark Dance,” which notably has more than 9.77 billion views in the five years since it was posted.

“I’m pretty sure the corporate overlords that own Baby Shark have like an iron fist on YouTube, and so they took me down,” he said. “Okay, apparently DMCA is going to be a little bit more of a concern than I had originally imagined.”

Ludwig noted he had a clear misunderstanding of how DMCA-related issues would work on YouTube as opposed to Twitch, adding that he didn’t get banned in four years on Twitch.

The takedown of Ludwig’s stream appears to be short-term. During his video posted last night, he showed his ban notice that stated as such.

“Streams are interrupted when copyrighted content is detected,” the notice read. “After copyrighted material is no longer being streamed, streams are automatically re-enabled.”

In short, he should be able to get back on the platform for his next stream tomorrow. That didn’t keep Ludwig from taking out his frustrations on the children’s music that got him banned though.

“Kids’ music is the worst thing that ever happened to YouTube,” he said. “In conclusion, fuck them kids. … What the hell is even this?”